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Save Energy UK is a leading renewable energy heating specialist, covering Bournemouth, Poole and surrounding area’s in Dorset and Hampshire. We have experience in designing, commissioning and installing air source heat pump systems in homes across Dorset for more than fifteen years.

Traditional Gas Boilers will be obsolete by 2025. Homes with solid fuel face heavy taxes in the future and energy prices already on the rise.

It is time to change to renewable energy alternatives and to take advantage of Government incentives that enable you to do so with payments over seven years.

Save Energy UK enable homeowners to heat their homes with renewable energy, air source heat pumps and turn their heating price increases into an annual pay rise over seven years.


There are free payments from the government, for a whole seven years, known as the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) when you install an air source heat pump heating product. There is no catch, it is simply designed to drive the nation towards cleaner and more efficient methods of heating.

How much will you receive?

You can achieve government payments over 7 years per household, for example £3,430 (3-Bed Terrace), £4,620 (4Bed Semi-Detached), £6020 (5 Bed Detached)
If you are a homeowner using traditional oil or propane to heat your home, you can enjoy overall savings of up to £30,000 over 20 years with air source heating.

Your installation is fully Certified

All installations are fully certified to meet the standards required today. And are registered under the industry Microgeneration Certification Scheme – MCS. The scheme is a requirement of the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive scheme, or RHI as it is also known, that all heating systems are certified by MCS. For your complete peace of mind, MCS certifies both the products and the installation company to help ensure that Microgeneration products are installed to a high standard and qualify you to access the government payments.

Grab Government payments over 7 years NOW!
£3,430 (3-Bed Terrace),
£4,620 (4Bed Semi-D),
£6020 (5 Bed Detached)
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Imagine being able to heat your home from the free air outside?

That’s the base principle behind air source heating and you will need no other form of heating in your home. It simply exploits the air from outside, using a minimal amount of electricity, to turn air into energy on the inside. It’s a simple, yet extremely smart technology that is widely used in countries such as Sweden where the weather reaches far colder temperatures than in the UK.

Your Investment

Your investment does not fluctuate like energy prices. It represents a one-time, fixed investment that puts you firmly in control of how much you spend on your heating and that investment then pays you an income over 7 years for choosing a renewable heat source.

Is this technology new to you?

Air Source Heating is a simple technology and requires no jargon. We promise to cut through the ‘technical terminology’ to what matters most to you, how much it will save you and what you will be paid over the 7 year RHI period.

How much will you save?

Our customers enjoy an average £500 up to about £1800.00 reduction in the cost of their heating, depending on the heating technology they currently use.

How much energy will you generate?

Air Source is an extremely powerful and efficient source of heating – even down to temperatures as low as -25 degrees C.
For every 1 kilowatt hour (kWh) of energy our heat pumps use to operate, they will produce a staggering 4.5kWh of heat in return.

Is your home suitable?
  • Do you have an outside space?
  • Is your home well insulated? No – we can help with that too.
  • Air source heating can also be used with traditional radiators.
What’s involved in my home survey

If you are based in a village in Dorset, or any of the leading towns including Blandford Forum, Broadstone, Christchurch, Corfe Mullen, Dorchester, Swanage, Weymouth or Wimborne – one of our energy specialists will visit you in the comfort of your home to;

  • Explain the process for your peace of mind
  • Talk to you about our product solutions and why we chose them

  • Conduct a visual survey for suitability

  • Provide information on energy generation and savings.
  • Share warranty information


We provide your quotation on the same day of your home survey, listing all products and services in a simple to understand format.


We have negotiated some of the best warranties in the industry. You will enjoy our 7 year warranty, rather than the traditional 3 year options. We will also be able to offer service and maintenance to ensure your system retains its optimum efficiency.


Our installation team are among the longest serving renewable energy installers in the region.This ensures a smooth process from the start of the process to handover.

Hot water

Why not talk to us about heating your hot water?

What is my next step?

Get up and running and creating your own energy for heating, naturally, as soon as possible by taking advantage of these limited, first come first served grant payments and before the government’s anticipated increase in VAT payments of 20% from the current 5% incentive.

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