Solar PV Domestic
Poole & Bournemouth

Choose Solar Photovoltaic Panels for your home and turn your energy price increases into an energy pay rise!

Save Energy UK  is a leading Solar Photovoltaic specialist, with experience in designing, commissioning and installing solar panels for homeowners across Dorset for more than twenty years.

The beauty of solar lies in its simplicity, a ‘fit and forget’ technology with the ability to turn continuous, natural daylight into powerful, reliable energy for your home.

At Save Energy UK our role is to pursue energy independence for our customers in the Poole & Bournemouth area’s of Dorset through solar installation and to ensure no homeowner has financial concerns over rising energy costs.

Reduce your Energy Bills by 40%

Save Energy UK Services & Solutions

Save energy UK solar powered ventilation systems in poole, dorset.

Solar Battery Storage

Take your solar electricity generation to the ultimate level by storing the energy you create during the day to use at night.

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Save energy UK solar powered ventilation systems in poole, dorset.

Solar PV Upgrades & Maintenance

Do you have a renewable energy product that needs servicing or upgrading? We have over ten years experience with zero issues unsolved.

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Your Investment in Solar Storage

It does not fluctuate like energy prices, it represents a one-time fixed price that puts you firmly in control of how much you spend.

Is this technology new to you?

Solar energy is simple and requires no jargon. We promise to cut through the ‘technical terminology’ to what matters most to you – saving you money.

How much will you save?

Our customers enjoy an average 40% reduction in the cost of their electricity.

Is your roof right for solar panels?

Thanks to a technology that has been used in the UK for several years, the answer is more often than not – yes. There is even better news, as this technology has increased the amount of production by as much as 25%.

Have you looked into solar panels for your roof in the past and were advised against in due to lack of roof space or shading? The new technology has eliminated many of these issues to it is worth finding out if you now have the ideal roof to start reducing your energy costs.

Your installation is fully Certified

All installations are fully certified to meet the standards required today. And are registered under the industry Microgeneration Certification Scheme – MCS. It is a requirement that domestic solar systems are certified by MCS. For your complete peace of mind, MCS certifies both the products and the installation company to help ensure that Microgeneration products are installed to a high standard and qualify you to access any government payments.

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Book your home survey

One of our energy specialists will visit you in the comfort of your home to;

  • Explain the process for your peace of mind

  • Talk to you about our product solutions and why we chose them

  • Conduct a visual survey for suitability

  • Provide information on energy generation, adhering to strict government guidelines
  • Share warranty information

We provide your quotation on the same day of your home survey, listing all products and services in a simple to understand format.

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Installation Day

Our installation team are among the longest serving renewable energy installers in the region. This will ensure a smooth process from the start of the process to handover.


Solar panels require little or no attention and we have negotiated some of the best warranties in the industry.

Can you store your own energy?

Solar Battery Storage is no longer a new technology. In fact, we have been helping homeowners store their own energy for several years. Ask our energy expert to talk you through this during your home visit. See Solar Battery Storage.

What is my next step?

Get up and running and creating your own electricity naturally as soon as possible by calling us today on 01202 971 186.

Start Your Off-grid Journey Today

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