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    Slash your electric bill by up to 70%

    Renowned expert Martin Lewis cautions about the possibility of a 20% surge in energy costs in the upcoming year. Protect yourself from this hike by considering the adoption of Solar Panels today!

    Take immediate action and seize our special offer on Solar Packages installed to your home in 4 weeks.

    Our services cater to residences of various sizes, offering solar solutions with or without battery storage options. Personalise a quote to align with the specific needs of your home.

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    Save Energy UK
    Best in Class Solar Company

    Are you in search of premier solar installation professionals in your vicinity? Look no further than Save Energy UK. As a distinguished solar installation company serving Wiltshire and its neighbouring regions, we are committed to providing top-tier solar installation services. Our team comprises certified solar installers who ensure a seamless journey from the start to the completion of your solar panel installation.

    We have earned our reputation as a leading solar panel company through years of expertise and an unwavering commitment to cost-effective solutions. From transparently explaining solar installation costs to offering a comprehensive suite of solar panel services, we fulfil all your needs under one roof.

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    Professional Efficient
    What we Supply

    High-Performance Solar Panels

    Leading the way in renewable energy advancements, premium solar panels provide homeowners and businesses with an exceptional means to tap into the power of the sun. These state-of-the-art panels are armed with advanced photovoltaic technology, guaranteeing the highest level of sunlight absorption and converting it into electricity with minimal energy loss.

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    Solar Batteries

    Solar batteries play a vital role in a complete solar energy system, opening the door to energy self-sufficiency for both homes and businesses. These batteries store surplus energy generated by solar panels when sunlight is abundant and release it when sunlight is scarce, such as during night-time or cloudy days. This stored energy guarantees a steady power supply, enhancing the dependability and durability of solar systems, even in the event of grid failures.

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    Outstanding Service

    At Save Energy UK, we set the gold standard for solar panel installations. Each project exemplifies our unwavering dedication to precision, a strong commitment to top-notch quality, and a fervour for harnessing the power of renewable energy. Our seasoned team consistently goes above and beyond, executing installations flawlessly and striving to minimise any inconveniences for our valued clients.

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    To speak with a member of our team, email us info@saveenergyuk.co.uk

    Call us Now: 01202 986262

    Save Energy UK
    Tesla Powerwall Solar Battery

    The Tesla Powerwall represents a cutting-edge battery system that seamlessly combines advanced energy storage technology with a sleek and contemporary design. Crafted to effortlessly blend into various home aesthetics, its minimalist yet elegant appearance brings a touch of sophistication to any living environment. This innovative energy storage solution not only showcases an attractive exterior but also boasts formidable performance capabilities.

    The Powerwall is specifically engineered to store surplus electricity generated from renewable sources, such as solar panels, enabling homeowners to harness clean energy both day and night.

    Featuring a compact, all-in-one design, it offers the convenience of indoor or outdoor mounting, granting flexible installation choices tailored to individual preferences. Beyond its visual appeal, the Tesla Powerwall furnishes households with energy reliability, ensuring uninterrupted power supply during grid outages and optimising energy utilisation by shifting consumption to off-peak periods.

    With its fusion of aesthetics and functionality, the Tesla Powerwall stands as a sustainable and sophisticated answer to modern energy requirements.

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    Cutting Edge Technology Advanced Energy Storage
    Save Energy UK
    Our Solar Panel and Solar Battery Installation Process

    Curious about how the process unfolds? We’ve broken down each step for you:

    Step 1: On-Site Assessment

    When you schedule an assessment with us, one of our energy experts will visit your residence. During this meeting, they will discuss potential options, provide a comprehensive overview of the installation process, introduce various units, and conduct a visual inspection to determine the ideal location for battery placement.

    Step 2: Detailed Quotation

    We will furnish you with a straightforward, commitment-free quote that clearly delineates our services. This quotation will comprehensively outline every aspect of the project, ensuring complete transparency. If necessary, a separate technical assessment will be carried out.

    Step 3: Efficient Installation

    Once you approve the quote, we will initiate the installation process. Our team will expertly integrate the new solar system into your home, either by incorporating it with your existing solar panels or by setting up an entirely new solar system. We prioritise a clean and efficient installation, maintaining constant communication with you throughout the process.

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    Save Energy UK
    Areas We Cover

    We take pride in extending our services to encompass the entire Wiltshire region and its neighbouring areas, ensuring that homeowners in these areas can access expert solar installations for their residences.

    Covering but not limited to:

    • Salisbury
    • Swindon
    • Bath
    • Trowbridge
    • Amesbury

    Whether you’re exploring PV panels, seeking insights into the workings of solar installation companies, or researching solar energy companies, Save Energy UK stands as your reliable companion for all your solar-related inquiries and needs.

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    Expert Solar Installation Reliable Solar Company

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