Save Energy UK is a leading Insulation specialist with over 14 years experience in helping homeowners in Bournemouth, Poole and across Dorset and Hampshire.

Prepare your home for winter

Everything we do is designed to reduce the cost of running your home and insulation lies at the heart of the process. After all, there is no point spending money on your home unless it is well insulated.

Protect the health of you and your family

The areas where spray foam and good insulation is able to address will also protect the ongoing health. There are many health issues that arise from damp, for example, droughts or condensation.

Choose the best solution on the market

The system we use is a revolutionary spray foam method that is now enjoyed by as many as 400,000 homes already. We chose the highest quality solution for your home that was developed firstly in Canada over thirty years and now used in as many as 40 countries.

It is now, by far, the widest used option for homes across the UK and we are extremely pleased to be able to bring it to homes across Dorset.

We Ensure the Health of Your Building & Your Family

What are the qualities of the best spray foam?
  • What we are looking for is air tightness and our solution is considered the best you can buy today
  • Ease of installation
  • Breathable to reduce condensation and moisture
  • It expands, which enables us to use it in areas otherwise difficult – or even impossible to use insulation
  • Building industry approvals
Why homeowners in Dorset chose our spray foam service?

To overcome issues that not only affect their homes, but their health and that of their family too, such as;

  • Damp
  • Mould
  • To eliminate Draughts
  • To remove Condensation
  • Require a cleaner solution

Our ultimate goal (and theirs) is to reduce their bills

We provide this service in areas, including all the major towns as well as villages and rural areas across Dorset, including; Blandford Forum, Bournemouth, Broadstone, Christchurch, Corfe Mullen, Dorchester, Swanage, Weymouth and Wimborne.

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