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Rooftop Solar Power in the UK is at an all time high

New data reveals that the UK has achieved a remarkable surge in rooftop solar power installations in 2023, surpassing the total installations for the entire preceding year, setting new records in solar energy uptake.

In 2023, the United Kingdom has witnessed a substantial surge in rooftop solar power installations, surpassing the total installations for the entire year of 2022, as per data from MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme).

The statistics reveal that a total of 138,336 solar photovoltaic installations have been registered since December, slightly surpassing the 137,926 recorded during the previous year. These statistics specifically pertain to installations with a capacity of 50kW and below, typically found on residential buildings, schools, and small businesses. A typical domestic installation usually boasts a capacity of around 4kW.

The current trajectory suggests that the UK may exceed the all-time installation record of 203,120, established during the peak of the Feed-in Tariffs regime in 2011. This government scheme was discontinued at the end of 2019, with the rationale that it had effectively achieved its goal of reducing photovoltaic energy costs.

The rapid growth in solar installations is underscored by the fact that over half of the capacity installed over the past four and a half years has been added in the last 13 months.

Ian Rippin, Chief Executive of MCS, remarked, “Small-scale solar provides home and business owners with energy independence and security against ever-increasing electricity costs. There is still more work to be done to make the transition to low carbon technology even easier for UK consumers, but 2023 is already the most successful year in our history for solar installations on the roofs of homes and businesses.”

Chris Hewett, Chief Executive of Solar Energy UK, stated, “The reasons behind the extraordinary pace of rooftop solar deployment are simple. Power from the grid remains expensive, whereas solar is cheap, paying back in a handful of years in most circumstances. It’s one of the best investments that home and small business owners can make. Coupled with growing concern over climate change and record temperatures around the world, it’s no wonder that so many people have taken the plunge to decarbonize.”

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