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Solar Panel Packages:

16 or 10 Panels
& Battery Storage

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✓ Enjoy 0% VAT on solar systems—Order while supplies last!
✓ Immediate product availability—No delays!
✓ Trust our certified in-house installation team.
✓ Hassle-free quotations over the phone.
✓ Efficient installation, saving you time.
✓ Every system includes a monitoring app.
✓ Cut your energy bills by up to 70%!

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    Slash your electric bill by up to 70%

    Expert Martin Lewis warns of a potential 20% rise in energy expenses this year. Combat this increase by opting for Solar Panels today!

    Act now with our exclusive deal on 10 or 16 Panel + Battery Storage Solar Packages.

    Serving homes big and small, we provide solar solutions with or without battery storage. Customize a quote to fit your home’s unique requirements.

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    Save Energy UK
    Why Choose Us?

    Searching for top solar installers near me? Your search ends at Save Energy UK. As one of the foremost solar installation companies in Bath and its neighbouring areas, we’re dedicated to delivering first-class solar installation services. Our team of certified solar installers guarantee a smooth solar panel installation from beginning to end.

    Our standing as a leading Solar panel company has been forged through years of proficiency and an unwavering dedication to cost-efficient solutions. From clarifying the solar installation expenses to providing a holistic range of Solar panel services, we address all your requirements in one place.

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    What we Supply

    High-Performance Solar Panels

    Premium solar panels are at the forefront of renewable energy innovations, offering homeowners and businesses an unparalleled approach to harness solar power. Equipped with advanced photovoltaic technology, these cutting-edge panels ensure maximum sunlight absorption, converting it into electricity with minimal loss. As a result, they are an ideal choice for those with limited roof space or those looking to maximize their energy yield.

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    Solar Batteries

    Solar batteries, an integral component of a comprehensive solar energy setup, pave the way for energy independence for both residential and commercial users. They store the excess energy generated by solar panels during peak sunlight, releasing it during periods of low sunlight or night-time. This stored energy ensures a consistent power supply, even in grid outages, boosting the reliability and resilience of solar systems.

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    Outstanding Service

    At Save Energy UK, we define excellence in solar panel installations. Every undertaking reflects our meticulous attention to detail, steadfast commitment to quality, and passion for harnessing renewable energy. Our experienced team continually surpasses expectations, delivering installations seamlessly while minimizing disruptions for our clients. Open communication is at the heart of what we do; we engage clients every step of the way, ensuring their goals and needs are always prioritized.

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    To speak with a member of our team, call us on 01202 986262

    Save Energy UK
    Solar Panel Installation

    Wondering how the process works? We’ve broken down each step below:

    Step 1: On-site Assessment

    Upon scheduling an assessment with us, an energy expert from our team will meet you at your residence to discuss potential options. They will provide a comprehensive overview of the installation process, introduce various units, and conduct a visual inspection to determine the optimal spot for the battery placement.

    Step 2: Detailed Quote

    We will provide you with a straightforward, no-commitment quote that clearly outlines our services. This quotation will detail every aspect of the project, ensuring clarity. If needed, a separate technical assessment will be conducted.

    Step 3: Efficient Installation

    Upon your approval of the quote, we’ll commence the installation. Our team will adeptly fit the new unit to your home, either integrating it with your current solar panels or establishing a brand-new solar setup. We prioritize a clean and efficient installation, ensuring constant communication with you throughout the process.

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    Save Energy UK
    Areas We Cover

    While based in Bath, our services reach beyond this specific locale.

    We’re pleased to serve Bath and its adjacent regions, ensuring that everyone can benefit from proficient solar installations for their homes.

    Whether you’re delving into PV panels, trying to understand solar installation company processes, or researching solar energy businesses, Save Energy UK is your trusted partner in all things solar.

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