Solar PV Upgrades & Maintenance
Bournemouth, Poole & Dorset

Are you a homeowner with a renewable energy product that needs servicing or upgrading? With experience spanning more than ten years, there is no fault we have not come across before or have been unable to solve.

Based in Dorset, we are one of the few companies to still offer these services in the region, so please do call us to enable us to help you with your problem.

Save Energy UK is a leading Dorset based renewable energy design and installation company. We’re proud to have been serving homeowners and businesses since 2007.

We serve customers in the major towns, villages and rural areas of Dorset, UK, including areas across Blandford Forum, Broadstone, Bournemouth, Christchurch, Corfe Mullen, Dorchester, Poole, Swanage, Weymouth and Wimborne.

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Our servicing and upgrade solutions include;

Solar Panel Systems – a solar panel inverter has a lifespan of 8 years, at which time you have the option to;

  • Replace your Solar Panel Inverter
  • Upgrade to a micro inverter system

The majority of our customers opt for the latest technology micro inverter system which, instead of a single inverter that controls the whole array of panels, each panel has its own mini inverter which puts each panel in charge of its own energy generation.

The benefits include;
  • As much as a 25% greater energy generation.

  • If you have any shading issues the whole panel array is not affected, just the panels in the shade. This means your system is not compromised as a whole and increases energy generation.
  • A micro inverter system also enables installation of panels across multiple roof areas if you don’t have a flat roof space to accommodate the number of panels you require to match your energy needs.
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Do you find your solar panel system generates more energy than you actually use? You need a Solar Panel System Hot Water Add on.

A simple addition to your solar panel system will enable you to turn that extra energy generated into free hot water for as much as nine months of the year. This will equate to even more savings on your energy, and free hot water is something every household or business can enjoy.

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Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems

Solar Thermal systems are highly efficient, but, like any product they do not last forever. The liquid in the tubes needs replacing after a number of years and if you feel you have enjoyed the benefit of your solar thermal system and would like to continue to do so, do get in touch.

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