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UK Households Prepare for Soaring Energy Bills in 2024

UK residents brace for a surge in energy bills in 2024

The forecast for the upcoming year suggests UK households will encounter increased energy costs, with a report indicating that electricity rates will continue to hover significantly over the rates seen before the energy crisis.

UK families are set to face rising energy costs with Cornwall Insight’s top analysts predicting a climb in electricity market rates for 2024 onwards.

Forecasts suggest that the average wholesale power prices in the UK will jump from £96.64 per megawatt-hour currently to £129/MWh in the next year.

The anticipated increase in energy costs is largely due to the hike in gas prices, a situation that arose from the conflict in Ukraine.

The assessment, grounded in the end-of-September commodity futures markets data, predates the latest market shifts. These shifts were influenced by tensions surrounding the Israel-Hamas conflict, which pose potential risks to global oil and gas supply chains.

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