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Do Solar Panels Work in Winter?

Installing solar panels onto your home is a fantastic way to lower your energy bills and shrink your carbon footprint, but taking the first step can be daunting.

It’s only natural to wonder whether the value that solar panels provide outweighs the upfront cost – after all, is it really worth it if they only work on bright summer days? We do live in Britain, after all!

The good news: not only do solar panels work in the winter, but they even work when it’s cloudy!

Save Energy UK are experts in all types of solar technology, from solar PVs to solar storage batteries. In this post, we explain how well solar panels work in the winter compared to the rest of the year, as well as the impact clouds can have on performance.

How well do solar panels work in the winter?

Solar panels will continue to generate energy even when it’s below freezing. That’s because solar panels absorb the sun’s UV rays, not heat. In fact, cold temperatures actually improve solar panel output!

Electrons have low energy in cooler temperatures. When high-energy sunlight activates the electrons, the solar panels achieve a greater difference in voltage, resulting in more energy being generated.

There is a caveat, however. Because days in winter are shorter, the panels are exposed to less sunlight. This means they have less time to generate energy than they would in the spring and summer. Heavy snow can also be a barrier, as it can block UV rays from reaching the panels’ surface.

In conclusion: solar panels will still generate energy in winter, although they won’t generate as much as they would in months with more daylight exposure.

Investing in a solar battery is a great way to ensure that you make the most of the energy your solar panels generate, as it will allow you to store energy for times of the day and year when your solar panels are less efficient.

solar panel in snow

How well do solar panels work when it’s cloudy?

UV rays are powerful. Even with clouds in the way, they can still pass through and reach ground level, meaning they can still be captured by solar PVs. Although their output will be reduced, you’ll still be able to rely on your panels for much of your household’s energy needs.

As a bonus, rainfall can wash away dirt or dust that might block light, meaning better performance down the line!

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